About the University of Tehran Alumni Office


Welcome to the University of Tehran alumni website. The alumni of the University of Tehran comprise a valuable human resource with whom it is essential to establish a clear and stable mechanism for maintaining contact. Through this connection, the alumni benefit from the support of the university to obtain professional opportunities and realize their goals, and the university benefits from the capacity of its alumni for its own growth and promotion.

In this regard, the Alumni Office of the University of Tehran was established for the purpose of promoting a productive and effective two-way contact between the University of Tehran and its alumni. The main mission of this office is to interest, inform and engage graduates for a constructive interaction. By creating a dynamic relationship between alumni and the university, the university hopes to facilitate the realization of graduates’ talents and bring their capabilities in fields such as science, education, culture and economics to fruition, leading to the growth and prosperity of the country. The Alumni Office maintains and manages relationships between graduates and the university and its centers, acting as an umbrella organization for cooperating with active alumni associations and centers at the University of Tehran. All esteemed alumni of the university are invited to assist the office in achieving its goals.